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YOU are your product

Welcome to Minute Madness on the Becoming the Big Me Podcast where Your host Djemilah Birnie drops a little dose of epicenes in 5 minutes or less. In today's episode Djemilah talks about being YOU in everything that you do. In your business, put yourself in every tasks that you will do so that it'll resonate to your clients and everything will fall into place. Do not be pressured by doing something you are NOT. Your product, your marketing, your business is simply yourself. Keep being yourself and success will follow.

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Hi! I am your host Djemilah Birnie of Becoming the Big Me. I have been building businesses online since the age of 17. When I discovered the power that we hold within our own minds my world truly began to change.

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Welcome back to The becoming the big me podcast. I'm your host, Djemilah Birnie, and you are tuning into minute madness, a little dose of epicness delivered in five minutes or less.

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You are your product, whatever it is that you give people, your true gift is yourself. And so often we are so scared to show up as ourselves, we're show so scared to show up truly, authentically, who we are, I know I was for a very long time I was in a very, very, I am in a very, very male space. And in marketing, all of you like most of my clients, you know, men, men, men, men, all of the other marketing images, men everywhere, there's men, and I felt for the longest time that I had to fit into that very masculine, I'm a marketer, I'm a corporate, I'm a this some of that. And ultimately, I was miserable. I made myself sick, I was in the hospital with stomach ulcers, because of stress. And I just didn't like my life. But every single person has a unique energetic blueprint. We all do, just like your fingerprint. And you can tell you can tell when, when someone comes into a room, and and they just find the hole, they just have this energy that just that just protrudes out of them. We all have our own unique blueprint. And it's so amazing, because that means that means that you have a superpower that no one else has, you have the superpower of your stuff. And, and that is just absolutely beautiful. Because that's not anything that anyone can take from you. And you need to showcase it in your marketing too often we get caught up on what's the, you know, the perfect formula for producing this and then put this and then put that know, just what are you doing today, share with me what you're doing today, show me your day, just give me a little clip of you just happy doing your craft, you know, that's what I want to see. That's what everyone else wants to see to

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when you build those connections, and when you are radically who you're who you are your messaging, it's gonna start to automatically magnetize and attract those people, like I said, that you want to work with you, one of the worst things to do is to take on a client. That is not your ideal client, it can be detrimental to you. And it can be detrimental to other people in your business. If you are in like a group setting or any, any of these different things like I've been in a situation where you bring someone in, and it can take down the entire ship. So don't be afraid to be you be true to who you are. Maybe your messaging is a little bit polarizing. Maybe you have an opinion that you know, someone else might not like your neighbor might not like that opinion. But it's something that actually matters to you, and brings an emotion inside of your belly, those things that bring that emotion inside of your belly. That's where the true connection that's where you can really have an opportunity to connect with another person because that's like, really we we as humans, we're emotional beings. We buy through emotions, we sell, we sell things through emotions, we come to classes through emotion. You know, everything that we do is based on the emotions that we're feeling. And if we can connect with people and get people to resonate with us, well, ultimately, everyone's gonna win in the end.

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