Episode 64

Life Update! Moving to Texas, Building Moonlight Farms, and Launching My Own Nursery.

On today's episode of the Becoming the Big Me Podcast your host Djemilah Birnie gives you a little life update. From moving to Texas to building Moonlight Farms to helping her partner launch a new company... Djemilah has been busy!

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Hello, fellow Earthlings, welcome to the becoming the big me podcast. I'm your host, Djemilah, Birnie, and together, we will be stepping into our highest potential, exploring all things mind, body, and soul. With justice major business, you're a spiritual badass solopreneur and a warrior for change, you're ready to expand your impact and leave your old self behind in order to raise your vibration so that you can positively influence your business, your community and ultimately, the world. Without further ado, let's dive right into it.

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Hello, hello, it's your girl Djemilah Birnie here

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becoming a big me and today I actually do not have a lesson for you guys today is just, or really, today's just life update life update day, because I don't think I've really given much of those to you guys recently. And I feel like you know what? You deserve. You deserve that you deserve enough.

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So, wow, life, it has been a parade the summer. It has been an amazing summer. But there's been a lot going on, I actually moved to Texas. So I'm Yo, I am now in Texas and won some acreage here. And we have been here for coming on the remotes right now. And we absolutely love it. I'm so happy being here I'm here with my partner and it has just been such a blessing for us to be able to be here to grow together and and dream together and like create things. Um, I have been something that I love is I just love plants. I love nature, I love

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connecting with the earth. And a dream that I've always had is have this big farm. And like the whole homestead, the whole nine. And we are actually on 14 acres here. So I'm able to see that vision starting to come. We've started developing the garden and I actually launched my own little nursery moonlight farms nursery, because my goal is to eventually have like a full blown working farm here. But that takes years and years to develop. Right? Like that's not something that I can just move here and two months later, like wham bam, I'm making money off of my farm full time, right? It's not how it works. It takes so much blood sweat and tears to develop a farm to that point. And

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but I just I had to start somewhere. So we started getting our garden beds together. Well, let's rewind rewind.

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Before we started getting any garden beds together, I started doing just mad research on growing here the climate here because it is very hot here. And how do how the growing seasons work here when the Frost's or, and I just like dove into like the mad woman

Unknown Speaker 3:57

ended up

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deciding to do a pumpkin patch here. Because there's I was like my daughter and I We always love to go to pumpkin patches and like fall festivals and all these different things and we are in a tiny, tiny little town here. And they don't really have a whole lot of that stuff. So I went to town I went to town planting pumpkins. I planted so many pumpkins and I had no idea where we were gonna even gonna put them yet I just bought a start treat, you know, trays and cups, and I started them all in cups and I'm just like surrounded by this pumpkin.

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And as the pumpkin started to grow, we started to plan out the garden where we're going to put everything

Unknown Speaker 4:48

how we're going to get our soil how we're going to make our soil come to life because the soil here is so dead, making connections with others in the community, too.

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collaborate with and really cultivate, like a sense of community here is really what I'm trying to do. So we ended up working

Unknown Speaker 5:10

at a lady's farm down the road to in exchange for some horse manure for our plants. And

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we hauled in several truckloads of the hat, and started building out our garden beds. And it is, it's still very beginning stages, but I have some of my pumpkins in the ground, and they're just going to town, they're just loving it. And even more than that, you guys, I started selling my pumpkin stores. And

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it's, and people have been loving it. It's been amazing, I really didn't expect to have such an incredible response and socialist incredible turnout, I wish I would have planted more. But I didn't know that next year. Right. And you guys, I'm literally just like watching this whole thing come together in front of my eyes, everyone that I have talked to that I have brought here, I've told them the vision of my land division of what I want to do the vision of what I see

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everything with the nursery and just trying to share my love for the process, my love for the plants and my love for people knowing where their food comes from, and people really, truly taking care of their bodies and in their minds, you guys, because the garden has been such a great place for me personally, mentally, being outside touching the earth, connecting with nature and, and knowing what is going into the food that I'm going to consume to the food that I'm going to feed to my family.

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It's just been absolutely lovely. And in this time,

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I also built out all the websites and all of the good stuff. I've been working on multiple books that will be coming out to release I'm so excited about I actually have I intend to have like a multi author book coming out soon, Mitch that I have some really awesome, exciting people and then I can't really tell you about yet. And let's see what else is new in my life update. You know, a lot of things are new. Oh, also, my partner and I have been building a new brand as well. called local crown. This is a marketing agency, where we focus on local businesses and service serving the community around us and those in our local area. And we have began going out into the community and meeting all of the other business owners making connections getting integrated.

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And it's just been so much fun. It's been so so much fun. You guys like we spent all day today in the town over

Unknown Speaker 8:26

basically canvassing the city, you know, canvassing the town, like just when we have made out some flyers. And we're running a special for specifically for the businesses in our area as we build the portfolio under this new brand name.

Unknown Speaker 8:44

And, and just like went out and just cold walked into businesses, handing them flyers, getting to know them talking to them and peanuts, some super incredible, amazing connections just by doing that. And I love this is the thing that like most people hate doing is the thing that most people don't want to do or not willing to do when they're growing their business. This is the thing that I love the most because it's community building. You don't have to do it in a solicitation type way. You just do it in a Hey, I want to meet you I want to connect with you and I Oh, by the way, this is what I do. This is why I'm here. Here is this flyer.

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Gosh, and my daughter she's at horse camp right now.

Unknown Speaker 9:34

Which is awesome. She has been wanting to she's been looking forward to it all summer. And it's five days. All girls rattler, right learning writing and learning how to take care of the horses and camping out pretty much in a barn on bunk beds. And it's I I'm I'm honestly like so

Unknown Speaker:

Blessed and so happy.

Unknown Speaker:

I'm gonna get emotional here because I'm truly just so incredibly blessed to be able to see all of these things that I have been dreaming about all of these things that I've been wanting all of these things, literally coming to life in front of my eyes.

Unknown Speaker:

Gosh, it's just so incredible.

Unknown Speaker:

It's amazing. Oh my gosh, I'm geeking out. But I mean, it truly is. And, and for those of you that have been along on this journey with me up until this point, like, thank you so much for being there and supporting

Unknown Speaker:

me through it all, you know, there's so much more to go. And there's so much more to grow. But everything goes on this just absolutely beautiful path of unfolding. And I'm, I'm watching my dream of having a farm of having a nursery of having a place to create community of having a place to connect with those around me and to truly add value and to truly help other people. Like it's happening.

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I've moved around so much in my life, I've I've never really had the opportunity to build solid foundation to build a solid foundation or build roots. I mean, even as I was a child, my parents were divorced. So I was just kind of tossed back and forth and back and forth. And my parents moved houses a lot and move jobs a lot. And I've never truly been able to, to establish that base that those roots base. And I guess I didn't even realize how much that was something that I was craving.

Unknown Speaker:

Or I just I didn't even realize how much it was something I was missing. You know, because I didn't, I didn't know you don't know what you don't know. And now, you know, building everything out here.

Unknown Speaker:

seeing myself being here, like I've never, I've never done that I've never been in a place where I'm like, this is it, I'm here.

Unknown Speaker:

So it's just absolutely incredible. Because now I am Here I am building out moonlight farms, and all of the all the things that I've been working towards, for so long or happening, I have the most incredible partnerships in my business, I get to work with the most incredible people.

Unknown Speaker:

And I've gotten to a point where I've like, I know what is important to me, and that's my family, that's, you know, it's my people that are here. So a community that's helping, I've like gotten to a point of,

Unknown Speaker:

of clarity, where the noise outside the noise on social media, the noise of what others are doing really doesn't affect me. And, and I kind of was forced through that process.

Unknown Speaker:

Which I never really fully told you guys what happened because I honestly can't just you know, legal purposes, but I was forced through this process of just releasing everyone else except for you know, the people in my, in my in my corner and, and the amount of freedom it feels to just not care I don't care what people on social media think I don't care what people online think I don't care, I do not care because I know what I have here. I know what I'm building here. I know what I'm doing in the community where I am now.

Unknown Speaker:

And and how I'm impacting the people's lives that are around me that I can truly affect the most

Unknown Speaker:

nervous, happy and you can't mess with that. So that's my life update you guys like I am over here just in Texas.

Unknown Speaker:

Building a farm and being happy

Unknown Speaker:

building a farm writing books, building out ecosystems and websites and design work and

Unknown Speaker:

and being and meeting many people it's awesome. So that is all that's my life update.

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Thank you for tuning in to today's episode of The becoming the big me podcast. If you found value into

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